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About Reveriescape Press

Reveriescape Press is a my zine collective. Every month we contribute all our earnings towards a different non-profit.

My penname is Jin Riddle, and I am the creator of Reveriescape. My day job is working as a software designer-developer in California; it is a career I love because I gives me the freedom to take more risk as an artist. With the opportunity of not having to attempt to make a living off my art, I can make it more accessible and donate all earnings towards causes to make our world a better place.

While I had been painting for as young as I can remember, verbal arts had always felt highly inaccessible to me growing up. The American early education system was so focused on grammar, spelling, and multiple choice reading comprehension. Language arts felt tedious, rigid, and utterly impossible to master. That was until middle school, when I was introduced to the proto-emo Edgar Allen Poe. Poetry was my gateway drug into the world of literature. Through metaphors and meter, I discovered the magic of well paced words. Poetry is the surrealism of literature, conveying truths that reality lacks in vocabulary to represent.


Our titular series is a monthly poetry and illustration series.

August issue

Stardust Mare

Summer had always been my favorite season, because that was when I fell in love with someone new at summer camp. Vignettes of being a hopeful romantic.

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping

July issue


Found poems, blackout poems. Words, whispers gathered from other sources dismembered, reconfigured for a new purpose.

To celebrate re-usability, and the cyling nature of well... our nature, all earnings will go to Earthworks.

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping

june issue

Wilde West Haze

The first issue's arrival coincides with Pride Month. I first learned of zines through Michelle Tea's Valencia. June's issue "Wilde West Haze" is a ode to San Francisco-zine culture, a battle-cry of queer revolution.

All earnings will go to The Trevor Project.

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping



Recipe for those who perfer to cook by sorcery.

ramen french toast

Ramen French Toast

  • Level: Easy
  • Diet: Depdends on the instant noodle broth you use

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping

clam chowder alfredo

Clam Chowder Alfredo

  • Level: Hard
  • Diet: Pescatarian

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping

clam chowder alfredo

Succotash Empanadas

  • Level: Medium
  • Diet: Vegetarian

Pay what you can, $1-10. $0.50 for shipping


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